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tv   British House of Commons  CSPAN  November 14, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EST

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i am sure the whole house will wish to join me from the second battalion. the key proved himself to be a dedicated and courageous soldier. he made the ultimate sacrifice. this week we will pause, of course, for all of those who lost their lives in defense of their country so we enjoy peace and freedom and we are humbled by the sacrifice they made. this morning i had meetings with the minister and colleagues and others and in addition to the house, i will have further such meetings today. >> may i add my tribute to the prime ministers about the sad death from the private from the second battalion, especially with remembrance sunday so near? the prime minister is rightly concerned about jobs and growth. crucial to that is consumer confidence. does he think telling 25 million workers they have no job security and can be fired at
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will tomorrow will boost or reduce consumer confidence? >> clearly what we have to do is make it easier for firms to hire people. that's -- that's why we have strapped labor's jobs back, that's why we have taken a million of the lowest people paid out of tax, that's why we established new rules so you can only go to a tribunal after working somewhere two years and that's why we introduced fees for claims in employment tribunals to stop those claims. and we are investing in a work program, apprenticeship, all in a way to help get young people jobs. end miliband. >> speaker, can i join the prime minister in paying tribute to private matthew hazledon. he showed immense courage trying to protect local people and i thought with his family and friends and with troops serving in conflict overseas, it is
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even more important that we honor this weekend in remembrance sunday all of those who are served our country now and are indeed serving our country today. mr. speaker, can the prime minister tell us how many people entered the u.k. under the home secretary's relaxed border controls? >> the figures for the period between august 2010 and august 2011 for the number of people who entered the country are published in the normal way and figures i do have is that the number of people arrested was actually up by 10% and number of drug seizures was markedly up and number of firearm seizures was up by 100%. e number of people arrested was up by 10% and the number of drug seizures was markedly up and the number of firearm seizures was up by 100%. i think we should be clear about whatid and what did not happ here. agree a pilot for more targeted approach to border control. this was for people within the european economic area. it land better targeting of high-risk people and less for others notably, children.
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this did not compromise security. this [shouting] but second, this is important, mr. speaker, decisions we taken to extend his yard the european economic area nationals. this was not authorized by the home secretary. indeed, when specific permission was asked for it was not granted. let me just say this did not mean our borders were left undefended. passports continue to be checked but as this was unauthorized action, as it was contrary to what the home secretary agreed, it is right ahead of the border force was suspended and i back that action completely. >> ed miliband. >> mr. speaker, it's just not good enough. [shouting] the prime minister, the prime minister, to try three can't tell u the prime minister can't tell us how manyeople, how many millions of people were let in under the relaxed border
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control agreed by the home secretary. mr. speaker, is in a totally unacceptable that the home secretary chose the relaxed border controls in july, and even yesterday she could not tell us which airports and ports it applied to, how many to get up, and for how long? >> she provided those figures and the figures for the number of arrests are as follows. firearms, 100% increase in seizures. legal immigrants 10% increase in arrests. forged documents, 48% increase. the simple fact that the right honorable gentleman right honorable gentleman has to accept anything and one has to accept is this. ahead of the u.k. border agency, rob whiteman, who also didn't know that this unauthorized action was taking place, he said this and i think it's very important for the house to understand, ahead of the border agency said this, brody clark admitted to me on the second of
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november that on a number of occasions this year he authorized his staff to go further than ministerial action. i therefore suspended him from his duties. in my opinion it was right for officials who have recommended the pilot so we focus attention on high risk to our border, but it is unacceptable that when my senior officials went further an was approved. that is why he was suspended. that is why the home secretary back to that decision. it's important issue to understand that brody clark was suspended by the head of the u.k. border agency. it was efficient quite rightly taken by him back by the home secretary back to bite me. >> ed miliband. >> isn't it typical, mr. speaker, when things go wrong it has nothing to do with them? [shouting] >> order, ordr. let me just emphasize that our
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members on both sides of the house shouting their heads off. members of the yth parliamen last friday spoke -- order. order. spoke brilliantly and passionately, disagreed with each other but they didn't shout at each other. mr. ed miliband. >> now mr. speaker, mr. speaker, what did the home secretary say in the past when she was in opposition when things went wrong with immigration? [laughter] the prime minister, the prime minister said yesterday about the relaxation of border control in the last few months, and i quote, clearly it's not acceptable and it's not acceptable it went on for so long. mr. speaker, why did the home secretary -- spent on the one hand you can't blame you for not
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take response the and and quote very clearly my word taking responsibility and saying what isn't acceptable. [shouting] [laughter] i have to say, having a lecture in responsibility from a party that troubled immigration, that led to 2.2 many people into our country -- [shouting] that allowed everyone of the eastern europe to come in with no transitional control, that built up a backlog of half a million asylum claims and made no apology about it. and even today when the leader of the opposition is asked whether too many people were let into our country, his answer was very simple, no. >> ed miliband. >> mr. speaker, he has been the prime minister for 18 months. he can't keep saying it's nothing to do with him. it's his responsibility. and a month ago, m. speaker, the prime minister gave a speech on border control called reclaiming our borders.
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but mr. speaker, what he was boasting about reclaiming our borders his home secretary was busy relaxing our bords. doesn't the prime minister think he should at least have known? >> the pilot that the home secretary introduced lead more arrests, more firearms seas, more forged documents found. that is the truth of it. the fact is that officials went further than home office ministers authorized. that is what is wrong and that is why someone had to be suspended and that was the right decision. he asked what we have done. let me tell m what we have done. we are completing e-boarder so every flight will be checked from outside the e.u. by next april. we are greeting financial crime agency with a dedicated border police. we got the first six months of this year, last year we rejected 400,000 applications for visas. we turn to a 68,000 people without the corrt documents. i am determined we have tough
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border control. and violent we have a home office and immigration minister that actually want to cut immigration. >> ed miliband. >> mr. speaker, anyone listen to prime minister would think it has been a great success. it is a fiasco. one thing he can't claim to know a thing about its cuts to the u.k. border force. had he now confirmed how many u.k. border stars will be cut under his government? >> by thend of this part of their we 18,000 people working for the u.k. border agency, which is the same number as were working for the u.k. border agency in 2006 when he was sitting in the treasury. [shouting] he asked, he asked about what we've done in 18 months in office on immigration. let me tell him. the first effort limit on work visas from outside the european union. we stop more than 470 colleges
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from binging in bogus foreign students. we have cut student visas by 70,000. anyone who comes in to get married has to speak english. we are ending automatic settlement rights and stopping the nonsense of people misusing the human rights act. in 18 months we ave done more to control immigration and he did in 13 years. [shouting] >> ed miliband. >> mr. speaker, the truth is it's a fiasco and he knows i. and that is the reality. and mr. speaker, it is a passion with this government. broken promises, gross incompetence, blame everybody else. he is an out of touch prime minister to leading a shambles government. [shouting] >> he just completely lost his way. [laughter] i think, i think he should spend, i think he should spend a little more time listening to the author of labor.
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lord glassman, because he said this very clear, favor light about the extent of immigration. where's the apology? [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. on friday three commando brigade will be marking hundred marching through the streets on homecoming parade after a successful but costly to of duty in afghanistan. i know the prime minister will be with us in spirit but we did they like just send a message of support to these brave and very professional marines of them we are all very proud? [shouting] >> i will certainly join my honorable friend in doing it. i know the whole of the southwest and whole country is incredibly proud of the marines. we are proud of three commando brigade who are going to be marching through plymouth. i semi-very best wishes for the homecoming parade and we should put on record what they have achieved in task force helmand. they carried out 37,000 patrols, found over 400 ieds, a trend
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over 1300 afghan uniform police patrolmen. they made a real difference to the safety and security of that country and the safy of our country, too. >> thank you, mr. speker. does the prime minister think it is proper and anyway defensible -- [inaudible] >> don't think it is acceptable. it hasn't yet set its figures for bonus payment. the british come as a service a large shareholder. will be making our views known. >> edward liddy. >> into any and getting our condolences condolences to the relatives of the red arrow pilot killed at rdf yesterday, with the prime minister acknowledged the overriding need for safety? and our campaign to save from closure is not just based on
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sentiment for the historic home, but on the overriding need for the kind safe skies which the red arrows need to practice safety? >> well, i'mure the answer -- the hard everyone goes out to the pilot killed in a still active. it comes on top of a scond accident that happened in the red arrows. this has been a very tragic time for something the whole country reveres and loved it and i know the home visits from important we must get to the bottom of what happened and i totally understand why he wants to stand up for his constituency. >> thank you, mr. speaker. yesterday published -- [inaudible] given we won't have the opportunity to question the prime minister on on the planet that is next year, next week, can he tell me he is leading young people down in mike in stitches he? >> we face a difficult situation
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with unemployment including amongst young people right across the country and we need to do everything we can to help people back into work. that's why there's record investment going into apprenticeships, record investment going into the work program. but the real need is to grow the private sector because it is a time frankly whoever was in government would be having to make reductions in the public sector. he shakes his head but any government, look across europe the reductions that are having to be made. we need to get the private sector growing and that is what this government is focused on. >> developing a considerable protection for jobs in the energy sector is -- isn't providing local people with the skills government jobs. with the prime minister ensure the government has done all he can to fund the completion of the duty -- [inaudible] such an important role -- >> my right honorable friend makes an important point about the school, this goes it will
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bring. this year suffolk has an extra 33 million pounds in capital fund. it's for the local authority to decide how to spend this money but it would make the point that school capital that is debatable for this spending round, throughout this parliament ounts to 1515.9 billion pounds. money is therefre important school projects. >> gregory campbell. >> thank you, mr. speaker. this weekend nation wilpause to remember paying tribute to our war dead. we will pay homage to those men and women who have paid the supreme sacrifice in conflicts down to the just. would the prime minister agreed that whether it is in shops, schools, churches, or on football fields, where there is a desire to display this attribute and an entirely known partisan way, should not just be allowed, a positively cleared? >> i completely agree with the honorable gentleman and since the entire house does, too. i think it's a remarkable achievement of the royal british
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and the country as all that we have, over the past years, really reintroduce the sense of this silence taking place on the 11th hour of the 11th day. i think it's absolutely right but i think it's the click appropriate in northern ireland where so maybe that serve so bravely in our arme forces and, indeed, from both sides of the border. whenever i visit the royal irish regiment you are always struck by how many people of both sides of the border have stirred so brave in our armed forces. >> family breakdown would reduce the cost on our economy. will the prime minister encourage household authorities across the whole country to take part in care for the families, path where health visitors and volunteer parents offer relationships to new parents in the early years of the family life which is one half of all breakups occur? >> my honorable friend has a great cord of pushing forward is absolutely vital idea. it is a tragic fact that so many couples break up after the
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arrival of the first child because of all the stresses and strains it can bring. that is dreadful for those couples and dreadful for the children. we spend huge amount as a country dealing with problems of social breakdown. in mview we should spend more on trying to help keep families together and relationship advice and support and my honorable friend said is absolutely vital in that. >> tnk you, mr. speaker. on friday the u.n. secrity council will consider the democratically conveyed palestinian request for full membership of the united nations. make the international committee not do more to advance the prospect of a two-state solution. doing more to do a two-step process and in that context will be a sure that the u.k. represent, cast a positive vote on friday and doesn't go back? >> my right friend will make a post into the house about this issue in a few moments done.
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let me just say this, the british government is fully behi the two state solution. i profoundly believe the way you get a two-state solution is not through declarations and processes at the u.n. the way you get the two-state solution is the to potential states israel a palestine sitting down and negotiating. all our efforts should be put towards helping to make that happen. >> order. close question. >> number nine. >> thank you. the winter fuel payment provides viable help families of people with paying the fuel filter individuals are free to donate their payment to a charity if they wish but it must be addition -- a decision for them. >> i think the premise of for the question. i would like to congratulate -- [inaudible] with the government consider by choosing an option on the left
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about the winter fuel allowance to allow that -- [inaudible] >> i will certainly look at the suggestion that she makes but i think it's very important we first of all keep the promises that we make to riddance pinchers about getting of these winter fuel payments and cold weather payments. i wouldn want to see any pressure unnecessary put on people to do something that might notbe in t own best. >> mr. speaker, the operational instruction from the u.k. border agency on the 28th of july had said quote, we will see routinely openings within dea passports and checking under 18-year-olds against the war instructed him anywhere in the home office clear that document? given the conflicting stories tween the home secretary's officials and her own vision, will be published all the ministerial -- [shouting] >> prime minister is just for
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trying to up the ground lost by his leader but i think he lost the house in the process. the point i would make to him, the point and th can is this going to be an inquiry carried out by the independent state chief inspector of the border agency. the very person who found out what was asked going wrong in terms of operations undertaking that didn't have the permission of ministers and all these issues will be aired. >> on christmas day, 114, troops put down their weapons and played a football match in no man's land. the following day the bloody hostilities continued. with the prime minister join me in condemning the outrageous decision -- [inaudible]
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>> i think the honorable lady not only speaks for the whole house that, in fact, the whole country of being completely baffled and, frankly, angry by the decision made by fee for. if teams want to be able to put the poppy on the shirt as many teams do, in a football league, they should be able to at the national level whether it is the english team or whether it is the welsh king. i think this is an appalling decision and i hope they will reconsider it. >> mr. speaker, as poverty is rising, the prime minister is removing the requirement for people to register to vote in britain. thereby removing millions of people's rights to vote. is henot taking their money with one hand and taking their votes with another? a distortion of democracy to force austerity measures on the most vulnerable while removing their voting power. >> well, the point i would make to the honorable gentleman is we
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are introducing individual voter registration. which is a labor policy. so he should be welcoming individual voter. i could understand what he doesn't support necessary the idea of making more constituencies the same size because his constituencies only has 62000 people in it. [shouting] where his right friend the member for east ham represents 91,000 people. i do think it is a basic act of fairness to have the same th size because the demand in 1840s, and i think it's time we introduced it. >> is the prime minister aware that there is growing evidence about increase abuse, intimidation, harassment across country? hassling these problems political will not allow the sum of money, with the prime minister give urgency to dressing these issues so that
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vulnerable people get the protection they need and deserve as soon as possible? [shouting] spent i think she raises an important point. i have constituency cases myself for people have been treated very badly by park on august. there's a truly good park home owners who do over the rules and not just that the demonstrate responsibility and compassion. but, frankly, there are some who don't. we are committed to providing a better deal by improving the rights and increasing protection from bad site owners. i will arrange for her to have a meeting with the house ministers they can discuss this urgent action. >> in these difficult economic times, it's more important that our politics -- with the prime minister therefore welcome the first successful people on the speaker's parliamentary placement scheme work with us here today? th would never normally get the chance to work in politics. would he agree to meet with them and listen to the views and perhaps of all of --
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[inaudible] >> i startedoing the right honorable lady in the point that she makes but she has made a huge amount of impact on this issue social mobility of wanting to help people who haven't had good chances in life and i applaud her for the. if there is time in my busy diving i will certainly do as she says. i do think there's an important opportunity for everyone in this house to look at organizations like social mobility foundations that provide opportunities for interns for inner-city school to come and had the expense of working here in parliament. i have used this came as other members of the cabinet have and i think it's an excellent scheme to give people good chance to see what we do in this place, not just owednesday at 12:00, but more broadly. >> thank you, mr. speaker. does my right friend think it is right for on both method to take instruction from the gnp of out how to propose an amendment?
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spent do think the honorable lady raises a serious issue because -- well, i can hear. i can sense a bit of resistance. [laughter] which perhaps is not surprising when 85% of their money comes from the trade union. but the fact is when we discuss legislation in ts house it should be bringing our judgment, our ideas, our arguments and not just picking up from the trade union. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. in my constituency there are over 3000 people -- [inaudible] there are only 300 job vacancies available. how high does unemployment have to go before the prime minister will accept that had assured that his economic policies send is thatorking? >> unemployment is too high today. i wanted to come down from his
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armored high levels. what we have to do in order to make that happen is to put resources into the apprentice scheme, to put resources into the work program, to make sure we do all the things that help businesses to employ people. that is what this government is doing. we are cutting corporation tax, introducing entrprise zones, doing everything we can to help businesses and we will do that in her constituency and throughout the country. >> thank you, mr. speaker. an italian bond yields have jumped this morning by more than a percentage point on a sustainable 8.1%. at the prime minister please say what eurozone leaders st now do to stop the contagion? >> i do think my honorable friend makes an important point. if you don't have credibility, about your plan to do with your debts india with your defits, why do you like the market are not they won't mention any money. that's what we're seeing in countries like greece and that tragically in italy where the price of borrowing money is getting to a totally
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unsustainable level. it's a lesson for all of us to have sustainable plans to get on top of our debts and our deficit. in terms of euro the problem of contagion is that as we agree, a decisive right down of dead, people inevitably start asking questions about other countries. as that happens you need to have in place th biggest possible firewall. that is what that heas as as is all eurozone leaders urgently need to put flesh on the boat to put figures on the size of the firewall to stop this contagion going any further. >> last year youth unemployment contained stood at an unacceptable 20%. one invite. today it now stands at 34%, which is frankly shocking. in light of is that he still believed that the decision to scrap the future jobs was the right when? >> let me just make the point that under labour youth unemployment went up by 40%. on the issue, on the issue of the future jobs fund, the
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evidence that we received on coming into government was that the future jobs fund was three or four times more expensive than other job creation schemes. and, indeed, in many parts of the country, including in the west, the percentage of jobs for the future jobs fund that when the private sector was as low as two or 3% it was right to scrap the future jobs fund and put in its place apprenticeships, the work program, and working spirit that will make a difference to the young people. [shouting] >> thank you very much, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, war is a failure of politics. the people who go to war are not politicians. they our brave service people who died in the service of the country. could i urge my right angle friends -- it isa symbol that says would respect the sacrifice that people have made on behalf of the country.
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>> i will certainly doas my honorable friend says that i think it's not just an issue of riding to fifa but it's also asking fifa's membership bodies including the fa to take a very strong line about this but as he says, this is not an issue of left or right or labour or conservative. we all wear the poppies with pride. we all do it, even if we don't approve of the worst people are fighting in. we do it to honor the fact that these people sacrifice their lives for us. it's absolutely vital for fifa to understand that. and i think a clear message going out from this government can make tm think again. >> thank you, mr. speaker. building on the last answer the prime minister gave, given the fact that italy is down and incredible fiscal path, with the assist the find -- the prime minister's to upgrade the european -- [inaudible] in such a way that helps the


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